The Famagusta Walled City Association (MASDER) is an initiative that aims to turn the Famagusta Walled City into an attractive and appealing spot for visitors, through various efforts and programs that will make such efforts sustainable.

MASDER is an initiative created to contribute to the cultural, tourism-related, socio-economic and social development of the Walled City.

MASDER believes that numerous historical artifacts found in the Walled City of Famagusta belonging to various civilizations are the most important assets of both Famagusta and the Turkish Cypriot Community, and aims at protecting and promoting such assets.

MASDER aims at turning the Walled City of Famagusta into a preferred destination for tourists as well as for local visitors by drawing their attention to the historical places in the Walled City.

MASDER, as a legal entity, shall not have any affiliation with any political party or undertake any political activity.

In order to fulfill its objectives, MASDER will plan cultural and art related, traditional, folkloric activities and implement them.

MASDER will work in collaboration with organizations and associations/institutions having similar aims in order to organize such activities.

MASDER will regularly organize events to this end and conduct lobbying activities to increase awareness on the Walled City of Famagusta vis-à-vis the public bodies and institutions regarding other aims.

MASDER will provide support for different projects that will directly or indirectly contribute to the Famagusta Walled City.

MASDER will develop projects for the activities that will take place in the Walled City and find funding for them.

MASDER is firmly attached to the environmental assets and will play an effective role in the introduction of measures to protect the environment as well as raise awareness in this regard. MASDER undertakes or has access to a wealth of scientific and historical research related to the basic principles mentioned above or implement them in order to improve Famagusta and achieve the basic aims stated above.

Another mission of MASDER is to develop projects in order to protect the historical assets of the Walled City, to draw the attention of the competent authorities, as well as international donors, to the Walled City.

MASDER has received technical assistance and support from the Economic Development and Growth for Enterprises (EDGE) project, which is implemented by Deloitte Consulting LLP and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Like all U.S. funded programs in Cyprus, EDGE’s activities are aimed at facilitating reunification, including through the responsible management of natural and cultural resources.