In the northwest corner of Namık Kemal Square, to the right of the Venetian façade, is the Cafer Pasha (Djafer Pasha) fountain, one of the many Ottoman fountains that still adorn Famagusta. It is believed to have been installed in 1597. Cafer Pasha was a well-known, 16th/17th century Ottoman governor who set out to improve fresh water distribution to the inhabitants of Famagusta. The Roman sarcophagus is thought to have come from Paphos, moved to the palace by the Venetians.

Supporting Activities that Value the Environment (SAVE): Recent preservation projects undertaken at this site by SAVE include the cleaning and consolidation of the Cafer Pasha fountain, the Roman sarcophagus and Turkish and Venetian cannon. This work has been made possible with funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).