Information for Travelers


There are transit flights to north Cyprus from Turkey. Travelers from European, Asian, and American etc. destinations may travel to Cyprus either through Turkey or directly to Larnaca.

Sea Ports

There are four sea-ports in north Cyprus. Famagusta, the principal sea port of north Cyprus is important for cargo transportation. On the other hand it serves to passenger ferries from Turkey.

Rent A Car

There are rental car companies just outside the walled City. Travelers may hire cars for different purposes according to their visits. Wide ranges of cars are available to make your stay enjoyable. There are small economy class to larger luxury cars as well as 4WD jeeps and family cars.


In north Cyprus taxis are widely available both as a hotel and private service. In north Cyprus Taxi charges are regulated by law and taxi drivers are obliged to use a taximeter. Rates vary from 10-20 TL (within a town) to 40-70 TL (between towns and from / to the airport).

There are 3 different taxi service providers in Famagusta Walled City. It is hard to "flag" a taxi in the street. It is more possible to find one at a taxi parking. Notice that if you need taxi services between 9 pm and 8 am, it is better to order a taxi by calling a taxi company beforehand. In Cyprus Taxi drivers are punctual and will come to pick you up from where you are.

Public Transport

A good inexpensive network of buses and mini-buses operates between all the main towns, in addition there are Dolmush (shared taxis) operating on the same routes. Taxis are widely available but do not carry a meter. However, there are standard journey charges.

Money & Currency

The official currency is Turkish Lira, though the Euro, British Pounds and US Dollars are also accepted.

Languages Spoken

The Language spoken in Famagusta is Turkish. English Language is widely spoken too.


To send Letters and Parcels to North Cyprus from anywhere in the world, the post code of `Mersin 10, Turkey` must follow the local address.


North Cyprus operates on Eastern European time, which is two hours ahead of GMT.

Banks / ATM in Famagusta

There are internationally recognized branch banks where visitors can make transactions with their MASTER, VISA cards. Visitors could use ATMs in the Walled City 24/7 to both deposit and withdraw international currencies.


Summer (June-Sept) 9.00 - 13.30 / 16.30-18.30

Winter 8.00 - 13.00 / 14.30-17.00

Museums are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Exchange Offices

Most of the shops in the Walled City accept foreign currencies thus Walled City visitors may exchange money with a reasonable rate at the exchange offices. Walled City exchange offices are open during the week from 8.00 – 18.00 and from 8.00 – 13.00 on Saturdays

Emergency Numbers

Fire Station: 199
Ambulance: 112
Police Station: 155
Coastguard: 159


Creating more accomodation options for Walled City has been so popular lately which resulted in more options for visitors. Local people who is interested in this paid attention to keep the natural and historic atmosphere when they were restoring their building. You can use popular accomodation sites like, airbnb etc. to discover your options and turn your Famagusta visit into an unforgettable experience.